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Secretary's Message

With its sky high doctrines, dedication and commitment to the excellence of Hi-Tech Institute of Information & Technology is proliferating, it is highly quest for excellence and the grit for combining the modern trends with their inherent ideals resulted in this land mark. Having keenly meditated on the ever changing and ever evolving contours of the excellent IT and Engineering Institution of the state. Hi- Tech Institute, is at Jeypore (K) have a vision to provide a caring environment for education with complete grooming of personality for the IT and Engineering. Students to aspire and guide the better tomorrow to acquire the necessary knowledge to achieve happiness and success.
It is my hope that the products of Hi- Tech Institution will be courageous citizens of the world, experts in their chosen fields spreading. My targets of Hi- tech institution has been a brain child and venture of engineering institution. With the student knowledge with determination to bountiful competent and dedicated faculty competencies of the institution.
Exposure and experience creates the expertise-implementing this unique concept in the Engineering institution, Hi-Tech brought that difference in the learning methodology. Traditional method of learning shifted to this time based concepts. With ultimately develops the mindset of students for attaining the success in true sense.

Dr D.R.Dash