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Hi-Tech Institute of Information & Technology

Computer Training

From programming in the Google Search team, being data engineers at digital transformation firms and teaching at IITs to leading startups that build the latest technology products for the world, the B.Tech. CSE graduates have built their careers in diverse domains.

The comprehensive curriculum helps students to:

1. Understand, analyze, and develop efficient software solutions to problems of varying complexity related to algorithms, system software, multimedia, web applications, data processing, and networking by applying fundamental concepts of computer science.
2. Develop the skills in different computer languages, environments, tools & platforms to become a successful software professional or entrepreneur, develop a zest for innovation & higher studies, and contribute as a responsible citizen with effective communication, strong moral values and professional ethics.
3. Adapt to the evolutionary changes in computing and embrace modern practices of software development to deliver user-friendly expert systems with for business success in the real world to meet the challenges of the future.